Sprocket and Dubs- Recent Video Work

In the last few years, I have worked on video projects for public agencies, non-profits, and activist groups.  Each project presented its own challenges requiring me to often produce, direct, film, and edit on a tight budget.  Since I have an extensive background in video editing I enjoy taking on the challenge of doing it all.  Below are some recent examples of my work.

King County Metro, “What Drives You”

Produced for Michael Thornton, Superintendent, Atlantic Base.  The purpose was to highlight drivers so they get to know each other instead of just a face in the building.   Edited with Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects with Audition for the audio mix.


“Koch Brothers, Evil Thing”

Using 1970’s classic Coke commercial as its template activist group Agit-Pop hired me to produce and direct this fun video.  Shot on a Canon 7d and edited using the Avid Media Composer and Adobe After Effects.

Eloise Cooking Pot Food Pot, “We Need That Truck”

I was brought on board to produce this award-winning video to compete with other non-profit organizations.   Shot on Canon HV-20 and 7D and edited with Avid Composer and Adobe After Effects.